How to add Webmail to Gmail

add webmail to gmail

Add webmail to Gmail: As you already know that Gmail is the world’s leading email service provider, there are almost 1.5 billion active users worldwide on Gmail. This is because Gmail offers a lot of features that help users to simplify their email management. Gmail is a free service that offers storage of 15 gigabytes for free, Gmail can be accessed on web applications of Android and IOS also it can be synchronised by pop and imap4 protocols.

Also, Gmail can be used to synchronise other webmail emails, this is a very handy feature of Gmail.

if you are working for any multinational company or any other company that provides you with their own email and in most of the cases the interface of all the webmails is not so good and refined. You can add webmail to Gmail. Here in this article, we are going to show you how you can add webmail to your Gmail and access your webmail emails and also you can send an email on webmail by Gmail. By using this you can use all the features of the Gmail on your webmail emails address, also you don’t need to login to any other app or any other browser because you can access all your emails along with your Gmail ID.

Steps  to send webmail emails from Gmail

1. Open a web browser

add webmail to gmail

First of all open, any web browser from your computers like Google Chrome, Safari or Firefox. 

2. Open Gmail

add webmail to gmail

Type on the URL section. Now click on the sign-in button and enter your Gmail id and hit enter button now enter your password and click next.

3. Click on setting button

add webmail to gmail

Now click on the setting icon in the upper right corner of your screen. See a new window here click on see all settings button.

4. Click on the Accounts and Import tab

add webmail to gmail

Now you can see all the setting tabs of Gmail. Click on the accounts and import tab and scroll down.

5. Click on Add Another Emails Address

add webmail to gmail

Now you will see a lot of options here from these options click on add another email address in front of send mail as a button.

6. Enter Your Name and Webmail Address

add webmail to gmail

now a popup window will open and it will ask you to enter your name and email address which you want to add. Now click on the next step button.

7. log in to C-panel

add webmail to gmail

If you have access to the C-Panel of your company website then login to C panel go to the emails section. Here you will find all the details of your mail server like IMAP access server SMTP server and pop server. If you don’t have access to to the c-panel this detail from your web developer.

8. Enter your SMTP Server

add webmail to gmail

Now you will see a new window which will ask you to enter your SMTP server and a username and a password of your webmail. Enter these details and click on the add account button.

9. Verification code

add webmail to gmail

Now Google will ask for a verification code that has been sent to your webmail email.

10. Enter the verification code

add webmail to gmail

Now open your webmail and you will see a message from Gmail and in this mail, you will find a code copy of that code and paste it on that window and click on the verify button.

11. Success

add webmail to gmail

Now you will be returned to the setting menu here you can see that the milk has been added to your account.

You have successfully added your webmail email to Gmail, will be able to send emails from Gmail on your webmail. Check this click on the compose button on Gmail and here you can select the email address from which you want to send an email. If you see both the email addresses one is your Gmail address and another is your webmail address then you have successfully added webmail to Gmail.

This is all about how to send in the email using webmail on Gmail. You can also receive webmail emails on your Gmail using the pop mail server.

Steps to receive webmail emails on Gmail

follow the steps 1 to 4  we have discussed above after that follow these steps given below. 

1. Click on “Add a mail account”

add webmail to gmail


Now on the accounts and import tab click on add Email account button in front of check mail from other accounts.

2. Enter the Webmail Email

add webmail to gmail


Now a new window will open when it will ask you to enter the email address which you want to check.

3. Select Import emails from another account (POP3)

add webmail to gmail


Now you will see a new window in this Windows let import email from my other account and click on the next button.

4. Enter Additional Details

add webmail to gmail

Now, it will ask you to enter your username password in the pop server of your webmail. You can find your pop server in the c panel or you can ask from your developer. After entering all details click on the add account button.

5. Success

add webmail to gmail

Now you see that Gmail will start checking webmails via POP3 server.

This is all about add webmail to Gmail, now you can enjoy all Gmail features for your webmail.

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Gmail is the most popular email service provider in the world as you already know most of the people use the Android operating system and to run Android you just need a Gmail address. If you are working professional then you need your work email address that is not associated with Gmail and you have to install other applications to access your mail and then also you cannot get the features like Gmail. so you can use these steps to add your webmail to Gmail and enjoy your webmail and also you don’t need to install any other application to access webmail.

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