Create an email signature in Outlook

Create an Email Signature in Outlook

What is Email Signature in Outlook Create an Email Signature in Outlook: Whenever you send an email from outlook you have to put some details in the end of the email, like your name, contact number and company name so that the receiver can contact you on your phone number as well. So you have to add this information in each and every email you send from outlook. To reduce your efforts there is a feature in outlook that allows making some text or any details which stick to the end of your email. This is called Email Signature in …

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Create a group email in Outlook

create a group in outlook

How to create a group email in outlook Create a Group Email in outlook: Do you want to send one email to multiple users but don’t want the pain of entering their email addresses every time? You don’t really have to do this as Outlook provides you with an option to create a contact group or distribution list using which one email can be sent to multiple users in one go. To send group email in Outlook, you have to create a distribution list by following these steps: For Windows (latest version) Log in to your Outlook account and click …

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