What is microsoft silverlight? How to remove it?

what is microsoft silverlight

Microsoft Silverlight software is an integrated digital application platform (RIA) solution for integrating the Web with corporate information and business process-oriented applications. Microsoft Silverlight can be integrated with nearly all of today’s enterprise-level solutions including e-commerce shopping carts, online calendars, customer relationship management (CRM) systems, real-time communication tools, enterprise search engines, unified communication services (CIS) and data analysis and reporting tools. Microsoft Silverlight can also be used to run desktop publishing applications, such as Adobe publishing software or Microsoft Office. Microsoft Silverlight provides many benefits over traditional web-based development that include:

What is Microsoft Silverlight?

 Microsoft Silverlight runs the Windows server, acting as the link between the web and corporate data. With Microsoft Silverlight, it is easy for the user to run rich internet applications, graphic software and multimedia experiences over the same network. This open-source plug-in was developed by Microsoft in collaboration with Adobe and also released as open-source to the community.

microsoft silverlight

To fully take advantage of all that Microsoft Silverlight has to offer, it is important to understand how to completely remove it from your computer. Microsoft Silverlight contains two main components: the Microsoft Silverlight runtime library and the Microsoft Silverlight browser. The runtime library contains embedded codes that are specific to a particular application framework. These embedded codes can be removed by using a program such as the Microsoft Silverlight uninstaller. There are several different ways to remove the Microsoft Silverlight plug-ins, depending on how they were installed and on what type of Microsoft Silverlight plug-in they were installed with.

How to uninstall Microsoft Silverlight?

The common language runtime library comes embedded with the Microsoft Silverlight plug-in and is responsible for executing all the common functions on the web browser. All the various web browser features – Java, Perl, JavaScript, etc. are executed inside this common language runtime. As soon as a new web browser is installed with Microsoft Silverlight, the embedded runtime library will attempt to load the common language runtime libraries, which will then execute the various plugins that the Silverlight distributor has created. However, some common library files will remain as part of the Silverlight runtime, and these will have to be individually removed using a Microsoft Silverlight uninstaller.

When an individual uninstalls Microsoft Silverlight, they should ensure that they get rid of any version of the plug-ins that were loaded when the Silverlight plug-in was initially installed. The most popular Silverlight plug-ins are the Microsoft default plug-ins and the Mac version of the same. If one has uninstalled the Mac version of the plug-in, they should uninstall the same from the Mac machine as well. This ensures that only the latest version of the plug-in will be loaded by the web browsers that one has installed.

uninstall microsoft silverlight

Now that the above steps have been followed, it is time to uninstall the Microsoft Silverlight web browser. The two easiest ways to do this are via the built-in Microsoft uninstaller or through the online utility provided by Microsoft. There are quite a number of websites that provide information on how to uninstall Microsoft Silverlight. The user should take all the necessary precautions to ensure that they are downloading a safe and legitimate version of the tool. There are a number of unscrupulous vendors on the World Wide Web, who provide Microsoft Silverlight programs and Microsoft Office plug-ins that are known to contain spyware and other viruses that can harm the computers of their users. To avoid getting such malicious software installed in your computer, you should download Microsoft’s software only from trusted websites.

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