Create an email signature in Outlook

Create an Email Signature in Outlook

What is Email Signature in Outlook

Create an Email Signature in Outlook: Whenever you send an email from outlook you have to put some details in the end of the email, like your name, contact number and company name so that the receiver can contact you on your phone number as well. So you have to add this information in each and every email you send from outlook.

To reduce your efforts there is a feature in outlook that allows making some text or any details which stick to the end of your email. This is called Email Signature in outlook. So when you create an email signature in outlook, you don’t need to add all the details in each email. It will be added automatically at the end of the email.

how to add signature in outlook

How to create an Email Signature in outlook

If you are using Microsoft Outlook email and wondering how to add a personalized signature for your messages, then you are in the right place. Check out the below-given steps for the same:

  1. Log in to your Outlook account and go to the Messages menu
  2. Now, choose Signature and then Signatures.
  3. Select the New option available under Select Signature to edit
  4. You will see a New Signature dialogue box; enter the name for your signatures.
  5. Compose your signatures under the Edit signature option.
  6. After typing the text for the signature, set the font, font colour, text alignment, and size of the signature. Add links, images, social media icons, or logos, if any.
    1. You can also create your signatures in the Microsoft Word and paste it directly under the Edit Signature.
    2. You can also choose from different pre-designed templates for creating a signature.
  7. Now, under the Choose default signature option, select the email address you want your signatures to be linked with.
    1. Outlook also allows you to create multiple signatures for a single email account.
    2. If you want to keep one signature for all your messages and also want to add the same to every email, then choose your signatures in the New Messages drop-down option.
    3. In case, if you want your signature to be added only to the Replies/forwards, then select the same under Replies/forwards option.
  8. Hit the Ok button to finish the process.

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In case, if you don’t choose any signature under the New Messages or Replies/forwards (Step 7) option, then you can add the same manually by following these instructions:

  1. Open the Message tab and choose Signature
  2. You will see a fly-out menu; pick the signature you want to add in the message.
  3. Complete your message, and click Send.

Hope the information was useful!


If you are a working professional then you have to send a lot of emails on behalf of your company. To look more professional and reduce your effort on writing the end of the email you must create an email signature in outlook. This will help your reader to communicate properly with you. Also in making different email signatures for different sets of emails, so you don’t need to worry about the ending of your email.

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